Information Requests

A wide range of voter data is compiled by the Election Office and available to the public. The options and prices are available on the Fee Schedule & Order Form.

The following information is included on a voter data request: name, gender, date of birth, mailing/residential address, phone number, party affiliation, registration date, voter ID number, precinct, voting districts, and voting history. 

Notice: K.S.A. 25-2320a prohibits using information derived from voter registration records for commercial purposes. This includes using public records to sell property or services. Persons are also prohibited from obtaining public records with the intention of making the records available to a third party for such purposes. Use of voter registration lists for commercial purposes is a crime.


You may request voter data at the following prices:

  • County Wide or District = $50

You may request advance voting data at the following prices:

  • Polls Election - includes 3 files; advance voting ballots mailed, returned, and voted in person = $175
  • Mail Ballot Elections - includes; ballots returned = $15 Per Day

Mapping information is available online, please visit the Mapping Page for more information.

Map Requests