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Election Workers Needed

More election workers are needed, especially in the areas of De Soto, Gardner, Edgerton, Spring Hill, Stilwell and western Shawnee, must be a Johnson County resident.

Election Worker Information
      View the qualifications, compensation, hours and responsibilities.
      Join us by serving as an election worker on Election Day in Johnson County.

Student Election Workers Needed

Student Election Workers
      Opportunity for 16 and 17 year old students to be involved in the election
      process by serving as election workers

Training Documents for Election Worker Training

Johnson County Election Worker Training Guide - Nov. 2014 (PDF)


Looking up lost voters using the Election Office Websites & Wi-Fi (PDF)

Looking up lost voters using text messaging (PDF)

Provisional Paper Voter - Partisan Flow Chart (PDF)

The Perfect Election (Video)

News for Election Workers

Election Worker News - Summer 2014 Vol 37 highlights (PDF)
      Quarterly publication of scheduled elections and training dates

Election Reflection 2013 (PDF)

Election Reflection 2012 (PDF)

Election Reflection 2011 (PDF)

Election Reflection 2010 (PDF)

Election Reflection 2009 (PDF)

Election Reflection 2008

Election Reflection 2007 (PDF)

Election Reflection 2006 (PDF)

Election Reflection 2005 (PDF)

Community Recruitment Programs

Adopting a Polling Place
      Organizations and/or businesses may adopt a polling place and serve as
      election workers as a fundraising activity

Making Voting Popular (MVP) - Bi-state Outreach
      Bi-state partnership program between election authorities and corporate
      business community for recruitment of election workers

Patriotic "Vote" Apparel

"Vote" Apparel
      Celebrate patriotism and the opportunity to vote!! Make a patriotic
      statement by wearing "Promote the Vote" apparel every Election Day!!

Last Updated: September 26, 2017 10:23 AM

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