Johnson County is composed of 9 state senate districts, 25 state representative districts, 3 state board of education districts, 6 county commissioner districts, 19 cities, 7 townships, 6 school districts, 2 drainage districts and 1 water district.

The following maps are available for purchase (please contact the Election Office at 913-715-6800 if you would like to request one or more):

County Wide

  • Precincts
  • State Senate
  • State Representative
  • State Board of Education
  • County Commissioners
  • Water District #1

$20 each

Less than County Wide

  • State Senate
  • State Representative
  • County Commissioner
  • City
  • School District
  • Drainage District

$10 each

Precinct Maps

  • 1 at no charge

$10 flash drive


Online Available Maps

Congressional District 3
Johnson County Board of County Commissioners

Johnson County City Wards and Voting Precincts
Johnson County City Wards and Voting Precincts (Per Redistricting)

Current Board of Education Districts
State Board of Education Districts (Per Redistricting)

Current Representative Districts
State Representative Districts  (Per Redistricting)

Current State Senatorial Districts
State Senatorial Districts (Per Redistricting)